SIP 2012: Latest updates – Symposium supplement & Portuguese TV report

·         The 8-page SIP 2012 symposium supplement, including key results from the 3rd International symposium on the “Societal Impact of Pain” (Copenhagen, 29-31 May 2012), national best-practices from EU Member States and statements from high-level EU stakeholders :

·         The 6-minutes Portuguese TV news report “Dor Cronica” in “Jornal da Uma” on national television from 11th June. The report shows the need for raising awareness for chronic pain, the high prevalence of around 30% of the PT population, the impact on patient’s daily life and what needs to be done policy-wise to improve the situation in Portugal. Among others, statements are given by José Romão (National Program for Pain Control), Pia Frederiksen (FAKS), José M. Castro Lopez (National Observatory on Pain) and Beatriz Craveiro Lopes (EFIC®), among others:

·         German 5-page Special Report “Kompass” on SIP 2012 in Copenhagen (German language) with interviews with Professor Kress and Dr. Gerhard H. H. Müller-Schwefe:

·         Global Pain News: Nice release new pain relief guidelines:

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